Pre School

Yesterday, one of my two year-old students explained to me that "The bad kinds of monsters live under mommy's bed. BUT the good kinds of monsters like Lady GaGa, we love those kinds!" Proud of my little ones!

My preschool classes ranged in age from 3-5. One five-year-old boy was especially helpful with the younger students, so I told him that maybe when he grew up, he could become a teacher. He was absolutely horrified and blurted out "I don't want to be a teacher when I grow up, I want to be a MAN!" We had lots of fun teasing the male teachers about that one!

One school where I worked required all laminating to be done by the library aide. I invited one of my preschoolers to go with me to the library to pick up the laminating. As we started to leave the library, he refused to leave. "Where's my lemonade? You said we were going to the library to get LEMONADE!"

A little girl was in the dress-up corner, wearing a wedding dress and singing; "Mary had a little man..."

One boy asked his friend what "improvise" means. His friend said, "I don't know." The first boy then calmly explained, "It means the phone is blinking when no one answers it."

Two boys were talking about teams during lunch. One boy says to the other, "Do you like to smell farts?" The other relied, "Yes!" very excitedly. The first boy exclaims, "Then you can be on my team!" Both were very ecstatic...LOL!

Teaching my students how to say Merry Christmas in different languages. Feliz Navidad always come out: Feeleets La-Ti-Da

I want you to be my mom."- what one of my students said to me

A student asked me if my brother was in jail. I was surprised and said no. Then I realized she was trying to say Yale.

"I told my pre-school students -'we love our country because everyone is free.' One student replied, 'not me, I'm four!'"