Top Chuckles

A Little boy, in my pre-school class, had his sock all unraveled. The strings was up his legs, around his arms, and piece of it in his hand. I said. "what happened?" and he said " I don't know Ms. Tina...I think It's just F---ed up!" He was right.

A student tells me that he brought Japanese chips for our classroom Valentine's Day party. I've never heard of them, so I kept asking him questions about the "Japanese Chips". He goes and gets the bag of chips only to reveal they're actually Jalapeño Chips!

My ninth graders had been reading Romeo and Juliet, and I wanted to review the literary elements as they applied to the play, to review for the final exam. I had covered exposition, rising action, conflict, and had just explained how the climax of a tragedy typically occurs near the end of the work, when a girl raised her hand. "Did Romeo and Juliet have climaxes when they faked their deaths?" she asked. I still don't know how I kept a straight face...

A couple of years ago, I was having my class share their knowledge about President Lincoln before beginning a lesson on him. My second graders gave me the usual physical description. After telling them about the theater shooting, I asked them why they thought he was shot in the back of the head in a theater. One little boy answered "his hat was in the way of someone seeing the movie".

I was working with some of my students at my round table when one student says, "Ms. Read, what is your last name?" This child has been in my class for months and clearly just used my last name. I was speechless. Thankfully, another student popped in with "Read, her last name is Read!" The young girl then said "Ohhh, huh." Like that really was news to her.

Journal topic today was: favorite cartoon at age 5. A student asked me what my favorite cartoon was when I was a kid. My reply: We didn't have TV at our house. He then said: Well, they did have radios back then didn't they??? (I'm 30!)

I am a reading consultant in an elementary school. In the beginning of the year, we assess the kindergarten students on letter recognition and letter sound knowledge. One of our K teachers asked her student, "Do you know what this letter says?" He looked at her for a second before slowly lowering his ear to the paper. After a few seconds he said, "I don't hear anything!" Priceless...

Yesterday we were learning about our country. At the start of the lesson I showed the class a picture of the American Flag and asked, "What flag is this?" One of my students said "That's our country's flag." Then I said, "And what is the name of our country?" The student replied, "Tis of thee!"

During journal writing, a second grade girl approached the teacher and asked "How do you spell 'penis'?" The teacher was shocked and asked the girl what she was writing about. The girl said "I am trying to write 'happiness'. I got 'hap', but I don't know how to spell 'penis'!"

I teach 5th grade at a neighborhood school. Today the students were picking out people to research for their Black History reports. One girl asked if she could do Ben Franklin.