Tacky the Penguin Lesson Plans (plus a free download)

January is such a fun time!  Some of my favorite activities center around January themes!

Several years ago my friend Deedee Wills and I sat down and discussed some of our favorite January read alouds.  Deedee mentioned that she felt as if she was skimming the surface with her read aloud and that she was looking for ways to make her instruction more intentional.  She felt like she was bouncing from one idea to another and not going deep enough.  Does this sound like you?

What we came up with was Guiding Readers.  This transformed her classroom!   Now 2 years later, I'm reaping the benefits of these units that we created in my own classroom.  We also love hearing how other classrooms were transformed.   Listen to this sweet feedback:

“I used one of [your] lessons for my observation a few weeks ago and scored the highest possible rating you can get in my state. My principal LOVED it. I normally do these units, so my kids really rocked it. Thank YOU! You have totally changed my classroom. Teaching is fun again, and my kids are exceeding my expectations!!!!”

When asked if we could share her testimonial, this is now she responded:

“Absolutely yes! And use my whole name if you want to! I...

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