Banker to the Resistance

During World War II, a Dutch banker committed the biggest banking fraud in Dutch history, using the money to finance the Resistance. This story is the subject of a motion picture which was released in Dutch cinemas on 8 March 2018.

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Tacky and the Winter Games Lesson Plans (Free File)

Winter Games Lesson Plans for kindergarten and first grade. These are perfect to use during the Winter Olympics. Tacky and the Winter Games Don’t you just love Tacky the Penguin?  My class has always enjoyed this character, so when I saw Helen Lester’s book, Tacky and the Winter Games, I knew I had to add […]

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Learning About Informational Texts (FREE File Included)

  Informational text features lessons for reading and writing while studying lions! Through close reading,  students study the features on non-fiction books. Informational Text Features in Books:  Lions We decided to dig deeper into informational texts and this book made it a perfect place to start! National Geographic has some fantastic non-fiction books:  Here are […]

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NIS Directive – update for the Netherlands

The Security of Network and information Systems (NIS) Directive will be very important for cybersecurity regulation in the EU. This blog will discuss recent developments concerning the implementation of the Directive in the Netherlands.

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Sovereignty in the 21st Century

Some scholars wonder if sovereignty no longer belongs to States because of the existence of supranational and infranational authorities; the British EU withdrawal and the Catalan case are two good examples of the persistence of State sovereignty.

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The odds of survival

How do judges estimate the odds of some unique event happening, such as the genocide in Srebrenica, as a result of the actions or inactions of bystanders? The ruling by a Dutch appellate court raises interesting questions about this matter.

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Life and death in the classroom (shut up)

Academic or just haughty classroom admonitions against euthanasia were overtaken by a harrowing real-life story. The lesson (again): assisted suicide is not a life/death issue at all, but rather an issue of a shorter and better or longer and worse life.

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An exploration into uncharted legal territory

Capra and Mattei argue that the legal world still wrongly bases its core ideas, such as ‘private property’, on mechanistic science dating from the 16th century. They think it badly needs to update them to include the findings of current holistic science.

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Are ICJ judges biased?

The ICJ Statute stipulates that judges shall exercise their powers impartially. But in reality, can this expectation be achieved? In our recent paper an empirical study was conducted to answer this question.

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U.S Bill to limit venue shopping in bankruptcy cases

Draft legislation in the USA will limit the choice of courts where insolvency cases can be handled. The draft bill will effectively limit access to the popular bankruptcy courts in New York and Delaware. It will not be adopted without a political struggle.

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Writers Workshop Helper (Free File)

This writers workshop helper-free file is just for you and it is perfect for kindergarten and first-grade!  Let’s take a closer look inside! Writers Workshop Helper On the cover, we have a few reminders!  We have tips on how to spell words.  There is an editing checklist.  You will also find a student-sized anchor chart that […]

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Sneezy the Snowman Reading & Science

Sneezy the Snowman Reading Unit for Kindergarten and First Grade is HERE! I fell in love with this adorable book a few years ago, so we decided to add it to our Reading Comprehension/Guiding Readers units! Sneezy struggles with feeling cold, so he tries to warm himself up.  The problem occurs when he continues to […]

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The natural process of mutual integration

Western countries expect immigrants to adapt to their culture, whereas for centuries colonizing Europeans always imposed their ways on the native inhabitants they came across. In reality both cultures will always naturally fuse to become a new one.

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