Writers Workshop Helper (Free File)

This writers workshop helper-free file is just for you and it is perfect for kindergarten and first-grade!  Let’s take a closer look inside! Writers Workshop Helper On the cover, we have a few reminders!  We have tips on how to spell words.  There is an editing checklist.  You will also find a student-sized anchor chart that […]

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Sneezy the Snowman Reading & Science

Sneezy the Snowman Reading Unit for Kindergarten and First Grade is HERE! I fell in love with this adorable book a few years ago, so we decided to add it to our Reading Comprehension/Guiding Readers units! Sneezy struggles with feeling cold, so he tries to warm himself up.  The problem occurs when he continues to […]

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The natural process of mutual integration

Western countries expect immigrants to adapt to their culture, whereas for centuries colonizing Europeans always imposed their ways on the native inhabitants they came across. In reality both cultures will always naturally fuse to become a new one.

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Introducing: Experimental Jurisprudence

Studying how the law works in practice using empirical methods is gaining in popularity. A new subfield within ‘Empirical Legal Studies’, has now emerged: Experimental Jurisprudence. Time for all researchers interested in this field to form a network.

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Male privilege and the abuse of power

The #MeToo reports have brought the ‘tradition’ of masculine domination out into the open and what it can lead to. When did it begin, and in what direction will it develop? To shed some light on this matter two kinds of power are distinguished…

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The B-Corp as a legal entity provides social entrepreneurs with both recognition and encouragement. It inspires new and exciting entrepreneurs. Could Dutch corporate law innovate and take it one step further?

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Inferring with Primary Students: The Case of the Missing Toy Sack

Inferring with Primary Students: Christmas Inference Detectives Activities for  Kindergarten and First-Grade Inferring in Kindergarten and First-Grade Inferring is an important comprehension skill for young readers to have and I love giving them lots of practice with this skill.  We infer each week with the story we are reading, but I also like to give […]

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