10 Winter Themed Bulletin Board Ideas

Winter bulletin board ideas for teachers! I have rounded up so fun winter-themed bulletin board ideas for your classroom! These would work great as December bulletin boards or January bulletin boards. Take a look at these wintry bulletin board ideas to bring a little warmth to your classroom or hallway. Winter bulletin board #1 Home […]

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How to teach phonological awareness

Phonological awareness activities that teach rhyming. Your kindergarten and first-grade students will love these fun lessons ideas to reinforce rhymes. These phonological awareness activities are great to use for reading intervention during your small group RTI time. Teaching Phonological Awareness Activities As teachers, we all understand the importance of creating strong phonological awareness in students. […]

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Polishing golden shares

A proposal introducing golden shares to influence the remuneration policy of banks has been resolutely rejected by the Dutch Minister of Finance, Wopke Hoekstra. This would not have been necessary if the four freedoms had been taken into account.

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Healing the planet by changing the underlying story

The recent UN climate report and the Urgenda appeal case reflect hopeful developments with regard to dealing with climate change. But there are alternative views, reaching beyond the emphasis on numbers and statistics, that deserve attention as well.

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Sex for Sale

There is a global debate on how the sex industry should be managed; with the ‘Nordic model’ becoming increasingly influential. Should we criminalise those who purchase sex? And what effects would this have on the industry at large?

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Why science needs spirituality

In his new book ‘Spiritual science’ Steve Taylor shows that we can only make sense of many human experiences when science opens up to and integrates spirituality. An important message for all researchers, including legal scholars and criminologists.

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Are Symbolic Laws Good Laws?

Earlier this year, the Austrian government announced a proposed law which entails a ban on wearing the hijab for kindergarten-age girls. Is this a response to an acute problem which necessitates action — or a symbolic law with a more nefarious mission?

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